Sunday, November 11, 2007

Set up a Homework Space

It seems simple, but it is very important to have a space to do your homework. If you find yourself doing your homework on the bus, in front of the tv, or at a cluttered table where you can barely find your book bag then you need to set up a homework space. If most of your homework time is spent searching for a sharpened pencil or a clean piece of notebook paper than you need to set up a homework space. Setting up a homework space is easy to do.
  • You will need a comfortable writing surface, such as a desk or table, and a comfortable chair. The surface of the desk should be kept clear of everything but needed homework supplies.
  • Ideally, the desk would be located in a room without access to a tv, computer, or other distractions.
  • Stock the homework area with pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, paper, dictionary, calculator and anything else you may need to complete your homework. This will save you from searching for these items when you could be completing work.
  • Not every home has space for a separate homework desk and not all students like to work at a desk. If you need to work at the kitchen table or the living room floor just use a plastic container and fill it with the necessary supplies. Just pull out this container when you are ready to work on homework and you have an instant, but portable homework space!

Give this a try and post a comment about how it works for you!


Michael said...

I set up a space for homework. My brother won't leave me alone to do my homework. He did not get to be in this space when I came home. It helped me get my work done without yelling at him. I think I will keep this space because I turned in my homework on time.

jennifer said...

I chose to use Time as my study skill. I usually procrastinate long projects and I am tired of being stressed out. I have an assignment due in two weeks and I decided to make a time line in order to finish it without a lot of stress on myself. I wrote down what I will do each day after school and I should even be completed with my project one whole day early. I will really try to use my new skill after this assigment. I think it will help me in the future to not get too stressed.

Alex C said...

1. homework space.
2. So I have place to do homework.
3. I do my homework at the dining room table.
4. No I will do my homework in my bedroom.

Anonymous said...

I did the homework space. I did this because I thought it would help me be more concentrated on homework time. I used this skill on homework that I did not complete in class. Yes, I will continue to use this because homework is an important part of my studies.