Sunday, November 25, 2007

Study Buddy!

Many of you probably have someone you count on to know when the next test is, to have the correct homework page number, or to help with that tough word problem. That is a person that I would call your "Study Buddy." A Study Buddy is someone you can ask for help outside of class. If you don't have one or if the one you have is not as helpful as you might like them to be, it is time to find a new Study Buddy.

Think about these things as you pick a Study Buddy:
  1. They do not have to be your best friend. You just need to know their name.
  2. Make sure they are responsible and appear to be organized.
  3. Try to pick someone who is in more than one of the same classes with you.
  4. Once you have picked someone out, ask them if they would be willing to exchange phone numbers so you can help each other outside of class.
Call on your Study Buddy when you are confused about an assignment, can't remember a test date, need help with a tough problem, or just to clear up any question about school.

Try finding a good Study Buddy and post a comment about how it works for you!


Kristen M. said...

1. Study Buddy
2. I picked this skill to help me when I get home.
3. I got Kaylie's phone number and called her last night to get help with our math.
4. If I need more help I will call Kaylie for help.

Kaylie said...

I chose to have a study buddy, too. Kristn asked me for my number so we could help each other with homework. I helped her last night. Tonight she helped me with a question about our english homework. I didn't know which page number and she knew. I will call her again because she knew the answer to my question.

Alex C. said...

1. study buddy
2. So we work easier.
3. I study with my friend.
4. Maybe I will use this in the future.

alexis l said...

study buddy
makes work easier.
studying with a friendfor a test.
yes i well study for a test wiht my friends.

Anonymous said...

1. study budy.
2.i picked this skill b/c it helps me when an upcoming test comes. mom helps me when i get home and we go through the study guide together.
4.yes i will b/c she is the most under standable.

Erin C said...

I chose Studdy Buddy. I chose this because it helps a lot to have a friend or parent quiz you on a test.You understand it a lot better and are prepared for the test. I used this method by having my mom or dad quiz me on the study guide for the test.I will keep using this method because it helps me understand it and I normally get a GREAT grade on the test!