Saturday, November 17, 2007

Easy way to remember information!

Many of you have probably used this study skill, but may not know the fancy name that it acronym is an easy way to remember information in any order. You can form an acronym with many types of information you need to remember. You still have to learn and understand the information, but this will help you organize it in your mind and recall it later! (for a test, a discussion, or just future use)

To form an acronym:
ake the first letter of each fact to be remembered amd make it into a "word."
It can be a real word or just a nonsense word you are able to pronounce.

  • Write the facts you need to remember.
  • Underline the first letter of each fact.
  • If there is more than one word in a fact, underline the first letter of only the first word in the fact.
  • Arrange the underlined letters to form an acronym that is a real word or a nonsense word you can pronounce.

Example #1: an acronym to remember the 5 great lakes is HOMES


O- Ontairo




Example #2: an acronym for remembering 4 basic math operations: MADS (nonsense word)





Use the acronym strategy as a way to remember information and then post a comment on how it worked out for you!

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