Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Set a reward!

That's right you can set up a reward for yourself to help you study more effectively. This may be as simple as studying for 45 minutes and then getting to make a 10 minute phone call. Or you could go for something bigger after completing a long essay, passing a final exam, or finishing a big science project. A reward isn't needed everyday or for every project, but sometimes all you need is a little incentive to get you going. This is a great way to involve mom and dad. Decide on your reward and what you must complete to earn it. Get their okay and you are ready to study and earn that reward!!

Here are some ideas for rewards:

  • Snack break
  • Phone call to friend
  • Extra time on the computer
  • Play a video game
  • Watch a favorite program on TV
  • Have a friend over
  • Pick what to eat for dinner
  • Rent a movie
  • Any other rewards you and your parents agree to!

Try setting a reward for yourself and post a comment about how it helped you study!

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