Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Test Taking Help-RETER strategy

The best way to do well on a test is to know the information you are being tested on. But, you also need a strategy for taking the test that allows you to show what you know. There is a little trick that can help you do your best on any test. It is called the RETER strategy. Each letter in RETER reminds you what to do.

R= Read

Read the directions carefully.Read each test question carefully.Read your answer and double check it.

E = Explore
Explore the entire test to see how much you have to do sto you can divide it up into manageable parts.

T = Time
Decide how much time you will spend on each part of the test and don't spend too much time on one part.

E = Easiest
Answer the easy questions first. Don't get stuck early in the test and run out of time.

R = Review
Review your answers and check that they are completed correctly.

Try using the RETER strategy on your next test and post a review for how it worked out for you!

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