Monday, November 26, 2007

Note Card Bookmark!

Unless you have the time and patience to sit and read a book from cover to cover, you will have to put a bookmark in and come back to your book later. In school you read text books, essays, and sometimes more than one book at a time. This can make it difficult to remember what you were reading about last. A great trick to try is the Note Card Bookmark.

A Note Card Bookmark is exactly what it sounds like. When starting a new book, take a blank note card and have it ready to use as your bookmark. Put the date and then just a few statements about the main idea of what you read. Place the bookmark in your book and leave it. Next time you pick up this book to read, take just a minute to read the statements on your note card. These statements will remind you of what is happening in the story and will also be a great summary of the book when you are all finished.

Try using a Note Card Bookmark with your next book and let us know how it worked out for you!


Tanner said...

Notecard bookmark is the study skill I choose. I liked this one because I have to read 2 books at the same time. One for english and one for reading. I am always confusing the stories. I made a bookmark frm a notecard for each books. I think it helped me kekep the stories straight. I just hope I don't lose the bookmarks!

Andrew said...

I dedided to try thee notecard study skill. I have trouble rememebering what I read last time. This helped me know what happened last time. I will try to use this with my stories and with all my reading.

Quintin B said...

What I chose was the "Note Card Bookmark" I picked this skill because I belive in the future when I have many, many, books to read I will be able to use this to keep track of what happens in them.I have nto used this skill yet but I will try to use it in the future.I also will try to use this skill that is..When I make a "Notecard bookmark!"