Friday, November 23, 2007

How to take good notes!

Note taking can be a little tricky as you try to decide how you can possibly write down all the information that your teacher is sharing. Try these note taking tips and see if they make you more successful:

  1. Start a new page for each new class each day. Date it. Leave space between topics or ideas so you can scan the page more easily later.
  2. Take down key words and concepts, not sentences. Use abbreviations (even if they only make sense to you) Find helpful abbreviations at
  3. Listen for word clues from the teacher. Word clues signal what is important in your notes. Phrases such as "The major developments were...." or "The three main reasons for..." are examples of phrases that are important. Find more word clues at
  4. Review notes and make sure they are accurate and complete. Reviewing notes just before starting homework in that subject area can help you focus on that topic.

Give these tips a try and post a comment about whether they helped make your note taking experience more successful!

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Sara H. said...

I used the how to take good notes study skill. I chose this because I took terrrible notes and always tried to write down too much information. What I did the most was used abbreviations like I do when texting. It helped me go faster. I will use this skill again to keep getting better at note taking.