Monday, December 10, 2007

Make a list! (and check it twice)

With all you have going between school, sports, friends, club meetings, family events, and all your other responsibilities it can be difficult to know how you can possibly get everything done. Making a list of all your school responsibilities can help keep you on track. Start by listing out all the tasks you need to do within the day, week, or whatever time period works best for you. Start numbering each task 1 to however many tasks you have, 1 being the most important. Consider these things as you place your tasks in order:
  • length of time required to complete task
  • the difficulty of the task
  • the due date
  • does it require preparation
  • will help from others be required
  • will additional materials be needed

Keep working on the list until you have a good feel for the order you have placed each task in. You are prioritizing tasks by putting the most important ones first. This is a skill you will need throughout life, so it's a great time to get started practicing it.

Try making a list of all your tasks and post a comment about how it works for you!


Faith M. said...

1. Make a list
2. I get confused about all the stuff I have to do every day.
3. I made a list on my calendar of assignments that I needed to get done.
4. Yes, the list helped me to remember to turn in my assignments.

Sydnie B said...

1. Make a list

2. I chose this because I always forget to do stuff.

3. I use this by making a list on my white board of what I have to do.

4. I will keep using this skill because I think it is really really helpful for me when I forget things.

P.C. said...

1.Make a list
2.I think it will help me remember things.
3.I made my own list.
4.I will continue to use this skill because it will help me remember what to do.

Molly Z...... said...

1.Make a list

2. It will help me remember when and where and how to do stuff.

3.I used this skill by making a list and putting it on my cork bord.

4. No, I mean yes i will because I need help orgainizing my stuff i have to do.

Coltyn.S said...

I decided to choose this because I could never remeber to do everything. I write everything down on a notepad. This would help me because i wont forget things now.

abby v said...

1.make a list

2.I picked this so I will remember my spelling words.

3.I used this skill by making a list of my spelling and then, writing my spelling a few times.

4.Yes I will because my spelling is getting better and better.