Monday, December 17, 2007

Test Anxiety: Part 2

Yesterday's post discussed the strategies to help with test anxiety as you prepare for a test. It is normal to expect some anxiety. This anxiety is a reminder that you want to do your best, but you are in control and need to stay relaxed enough to focus on the test. Here are some strategies to help with test anxiety during the test:

  • Read the directions carefully and always ask for help if something is unclear.

  • Pay attention to your test taking time and don't spend too long on one area.

  • Change positions to help you relax.

  • If you go blank, skip the question and go on. You can always come back later.

  • Don't panic when other students start handing in their papers. Being the first one done does not necessarily mean doing well.

  • If you find yourself tensing up and getting anxious during the test, relax and take slow deep breaths. You are in control.

  • After the test, review the strategies you used:
    List what worked and use it again. List what did not work and try to improve it later.

Try these strategies out on your next test and post a comment about they helped with test anxiety!

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