Friday, December 7, 2007

Highlighting help!

Highlighting can be a very useful study tool if used properly! Any highlighter color will work from the traditional yellow to the fancier pinks and greens. Don't spend too much time worry about what color to pick. Spend more time deciding what to highlight. Knowing what to highlight can come from:
  • the items listed on a study guide
  • hints from the teacher about specific pieces of information being important
  • bold titles in your reading
  • information that has been discussed and reviewed more than one time
  • any information that you feel is a main point or of high importance

Try to only highlight the main points so when you are trying to recall the information later it will be easier to visualize in your mind. If you highlight the whole page, it will harder to remember the main point. You may attempt to highlight during note taking or reading, but it will be more effective if you review later and highlight at that time. Doing this at a later time, will allow you to more organized and really think through what should be highlighted. These highlighted areas can then be used as a review or to make your own flashcards.(see post from December 1, 2007).

Try these highlighting tips and post a comment about how they work for you!

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Quinn C. said...

I chose highlighting help.I picked this skill because I get confused at wich sentences to highlight.I will use this skill in the future in proofreading.Yes I will continue to use this skill in the future.I will continue to use it because I thik it is useful in all types of writing.