Saturday, December 1, 2007

Create your own flashcards!

Creating your own flash cards can be a very effective study skill. Although there are many flash cards that you can purchase, making your own will likely pay off in the end. When you are creating your own flash cards you are doing three things. The first is reviewing the information you are studying. The second is putting the information in your own words, which will allow you to gain a deeper understanding. The last thing you are doing by creating your own flash cards is deciding what things you feel are the most important and focusing on them. You can use index cards or paper to make the flashcards. Write a word, a statement or a question on one side and the matching information or answer on the other side. Then look at one side of the card and try to recall the information on the other side. Quizzing yourself with flashcards can be done on the bus, in the car, sitting in your room or waiting for your next class to begin. Flash cards can also be reviewed with study partners as you prepare for your next test.

Try making your own flash cards and post a comment about how it worked for you!


Matt H. said...

I really liked using them to study for my social studies test. I used my otes to make them and then studied from them. It seems like helped and I will use them again.

alexis l said...

flash cards
when i study for spelling test.
write the words on cards.
yes helps me to remember the words.